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Lagoon Foaming Bath Salts - S & K Collective

Lagoon Foaming Bath Salts

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This crazy bath salts make bath time a piece of cake!

A blue lagoon water that enables kids to chill for real. Heaven on earth… Paradise salt shaker with lagoon bath salts.

Especially formulated to respect children’ sensitive skin. The bathtub turns into a playground Kids will have no excuses to skip the bath, they will happily jump in!

Little pirates can play, invent stories and enjoy a relaxing break. For generous foam : sprinkle heavily under the water Our bath salts leave no stains on skin or bathtub. Just a quick rinse and you’re done!

Vegan, cruelty free, preservatives-free, dermatologically tested. A magical moisturizing recipe

Blue Snap contains:

- Camomile (ideal for relaxing little monsters before bedtime) - Sweet almond oil - Sunflower oil - Vitamin E Recyclable packaging. To be used for kids aged 3 and over. Essential reminder: keep constant supervision on your kid bath time."r kids over 3. 

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