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2021 Design - Languages

Abinooji - Child (People: Ojibway, Location: Southern Canada, Midwest USA)

Auaass - Child (People: Innu, Location: Quebec)

Binooje - Child (People: Ojibwe Nishinaabemowim, Location: Manitoba to Quebec)

Chilh -  child (Dakelh language, carrier nation, Location: Quesnel)

Daguskina - Child (People: Nakoda (Assiniboine) Language, Location: Saskatchewan)

Dunnen - Child (People:Southern Tutchone, Location: Yukon)

Edone - Child (Language: Maori)

Kheien'a - my daughter (people: Mohawk, location: Eastern Canada)

Nstsmalta - My Children (People: St'at'imc Territory, Location: Interior Salish)

Nutakat - Child (Inuinnaqtun dialect)

Tamaiti - Child (People: Maori Location: New Zealand and Canada)

Stsmemelt - Child ( Language: Secwepemctsin Shuswap, Location: B.C.)

Tkamu - Child (People: Ktunaxa, Location: B.C. and USA)

Riien - my son (People: Mohawk, Location: primarily East Coast Canada)

Pookaa - Child (People: BlackFoot, Kainai Reserve, Location: Alberta)

Men - Child (Language: Skwxwu7mesh, Location: Squamish)

Sekwi - Child (People: Denesuline, Location: Northwest Territories)

Washish - Child (People: Ojicree, Location: North West Ontario)

Niijaanis - my Child (People: Ojibway, Location: Manitoba)

T'soodun - Child (People: Nak'azdli Dakelh, Location: B.C.)

Miqliqtuq - Child (People: Inupiaq, Location: Canada and USA)

Nitanis - My Daughter (People: Cree, Location: Northern Manitoba)

Mijuajii - Baby (Mi'kmaq language, Location: Eastern Canada)

Skwukwmi?t - Lytton First Nations


2022 Design - Mother and Child

The Mother and Child

(skíxzeʔ pronounced shkey-zuh) AND (sk̓ʷúk̓ʷmiʔt pronounced shkuk-meet)

Representative of all of the parents and children who lost each other in the Residential Schools

The Eagle

(heléw̓ pronounced hel-ow)

The Eagle is thought to be closest to the Creator and being able to travel between the physical and spiritual world, they carry messages and prayers to those that now reside in the spiritual world.

The Language used in the majority of her designs is Nlaka'pamux.

2023 Design Forget Me Nots

The flowers are forget-me-nots, serving as a reminder to never forget what has been done to Indigenous communities and the true nature of Residential Schools.

2023 Design Lacrosse Sticks

Lacrosse, created by Native American tribes like the Iroquois, is one of North America's oldest team sports with deep cultural and spiritual significance. Known as "The Medicine Game," it was played to honor the Creator, heal the sick, and bring communities together. Today, it remains a vital link to Native American heritage, with traditional practices still honored in modern play.

2024 English

This year's "Every Child Matters" design pays homage to Nlakapamux heritage. It features a figure inspired by Nlakapamux rock paintings, shaped into a heart that surrounds children of various colors. The design also includes flowers with beads, symbolizing healing.

2024 French

Le design de cette année "Chaque enfant compte" rend hommage au patrimoine Nlakapamux. Il présente une figure inspirée des peintures rupestres Nlakapamux, formée en un cœur entourant des enfants de toutes les couleurs. Le design inclut également des fleurs avec des perles, symbolisant la guérison.