Ornament Beading Kit

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DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS ITEM, IT IS FINAL SALE. If you do not receive the emailed pattern within 24 hours, please email us @ info@sandkcollective.com

Kit includes:

Prewaxed dymo thread

Beading needle

67MM Shatterproof ornament

Turquiose, gold, white, red, orange, yellow and black beads to complete this project

PDF tutorial

Please note that this tutorial is for specifically a 67mm Ornament, an ornament of any other size the pattern may need to be adjusted though this will give you the baisics of the technique to work with other size ornaments

If you are Indigenous, you may resell items crafted from this tutorial; any such sales, however, should not involve the sharing of this pattern in part or whole. All rights to this pattern and related visuals remain with S & K Collective. If you are not Indigenous, you must not sell products created from this tutorial as it relies on traditional Indigenous beading and colour methods.