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5 Things You Should Be Doing As A True Ally That Involve Actions Not Words

Let me preface this by saying that this is not specific to Indigenous Allyship, this is a generalized perspective on how all Allys should act towards any Minority or Oppressed Group

1. Take Ownership of your Education

It is your job to educate yourself, not that of the oppressed. Do not expect to be taught, look for resources, follow those that speak out about the problem, take a class, or read a book. Do the work. Do not expect members of the oppressed group to do the heavy lifting. That heavy lifting is yours to do if you are truly an ally. Make conscious decisions to shop directly from those groups to support them.

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2. Realize it is not about you 

You are hurting because of the information you found out? Imagine living through it, or living with the consequences of it? It is not about you. It was about you when those people were being held down, and oppressed because it was your rights that mattered. That needs to change. Do not compare your experience as a person not of that minority or gas light them into thinking it was not as bad as they make it seem.

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3. Amplify the voices of the oppressed group 

Even when they are not around. It means more to speak up for an oppressed group when they are not there to hear it do not do it just to be seen and recognized for doing so.

In a social setting and someone is making racist comments? Say something, step in first, and be the loudest voice, because that person making those comments is not going to care if someone from that marginalized group stands up to them. But as someone of equal standing, in their eyes, that may give them pause.

Do not sit in uncomfortable silence....because if someone is being racist/sexist/homophobic etc....it should make you uncomfortable. There is more weight to your words in these situations.

Saying you are an Ally is performative, wearing a shirt for one day is performative, show you are an Ally with your actions, giving weight to the age-old adage "actions speak louder than words". Live your Allyship, do not just preach about it when it is popular.

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4. Be prepared to Get uncomfortable and Adapt your way of thinking 

Understand that you will make mistakes, you are human, everyone is, mistakes happen, the biggest thing is recognizing them and/or taking ownership if they are pointed out to you


apologize, ask questions and work to change that way of thinking. Realize a way of thinking is racist or suppressive? Sit with it, realize it, and consciously, mindfully move to change it.

5. Share. Speak up. Speak out. Use your privilege to give those a voice in circles where they normally would not have one 

Marginalized and oppressed groups need actions, not words. It is not enough to be Pro-Black, Pro-Indigenous, etc... you need to be actively ANTI-racist. March, spread awareness, share your favorite creators on social media YEAR ROUND not just when it is their turn to be the Minority of the Month. Act on it.

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 These are just a few ways you can practice Allyship, after all "The time is always right to do what is right" - Martin Luther King Jr.

More questions? Leave a comment below or DM me over on the gram

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