Growing up in a family of five siblings should have been a whirlwind of shared experiences, laughter, and support. However, the dynamics within my family unit were far from idyllic.

In the face of a narcissistic mother, what should have been a close-knit group dissolved into strained relationships and distant connections. This blog post delves into the challenges and emotions that come with growing up in such an environment and how to navigate life when you find yourself almost "siblingless."

The Illusion of Togetherness

A family of five kids inherently suggests a bustling household, filled with the joy of shared moments and close bonds. I have 4 siblings that I know of. I say ‘that I know of’ because my dad had a few in England that we never met before he passed away.

Growing up, I thought we would be close, there was myself and my brother, 5 years younger. Then my narcissistic mother had 3 more kids when I was approximately 12 years old, 2 girls, and 1 boy. Though I struggled with her getting pregnant at first, once they were born it was love at first sight.

However, the presence of a narcissistic mother cast a shadow over this as soon as they were old enough to be manipulated by her. Her narcissistic self-centered behavior led to manipulation, emotional abuse, and favoritism, which in a lot of cases can create divisions among siblings and disrupt the natural flow of sibling relationships. This was very true in my family's case.

The boys were favored always, my sisters would be begging my mother for food and she would neglect to feed them many times but would make my brother full-blown handmade meals, in front of my sisters no less.  This would always result in a blow out screaming match between her and I.

There was more than one occasion when the school asked where my sister's lunches were, and pleas from my sisters themselves asking for food because their stomach hurts when they are at school. A lot of times I stepped in and stepped up, I planned birthdays and brought food for school lunch, and I picked them up and took them to their events, as I was old enough now, and out driving on my own.

But the older they got, the easier it was to turn them against me, I was the ‘outcast’ speaking out against my mother's disgusting behavior, but desperate for her love and affection my siblings chose to turn a blind eye.

Sibling Bonds Severed:

In my family, we siblings found ourselves pitted against each other as our narcissistic mother sought to maintain control and dominance. At a young age, my brother and I were taught to punish each other for anything my mother saw as misbehaving. The one being punished would stand with their nose on the wall, while my mother provided the other one with a wooden spoon. Anytime the person who was being punished moved or even breathed, the one with the spoon would be encouraged my mother to beat the other. This was just one of her punishments and one of the ways she destroyed our bond early on.

We grew up laughing about this, thinking it was the norm until I grew up to realize how disgusting this truly was. The focus shifted from building healthy sibling relationships to surviving the unpredictable emotional climate at home. This resulted in us growing distant, unable to trust or communicate openly due to the emotional turmoil caused by our mother's behavior.

I currently speak to none of my siblings, this is mostly because I have severed ties with my mother. Had I not done this I am not sure where my mental health would be at today, it was one of the best things I ever did and was heavily encouraged by my husband, I likely would not have seen how negatively she was affecting every aspect of my life it was not for him. I lost my entire family because of it, but it was something I needed to do to grow and heal.

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Isolation and Coping:

Living in such an environment can be isolating. A lack of understanding from outsiders and the perpetuation of a facade of normalcy by our narcissistic mother made it challenging for any of us to reach out for help. Whenever we asked for help, our mother was so good and faking it till she made it that everyone thought we were just ‘being ridiculous kids’. I cannot count the number of people who have believed my mother's lies about what was truly happening, not even always behind closed doors, but right in front of their faces.

As a result, I am sure all of us developed coping mechanisms to deal with the emotional turmoil, including distancing ourselves from each other to protect our well-being. She created an environment where we could only turn to her, and not to each other because that is what we believed would get us punished the least.

Healing and Moving Forward:

Recognizing the impact of my narcissistic mother's behavior on my sibling relationships has been the first step toward healing. Seeking therapy, either individually has provided a safe space to process those experiences and understand my emotions. I need to acknowledge that healing might involve different paths for each of my siblings; some might choose to reconnect, while others may decide that maintaining distance is the healthiest option. Which is sad, as my door will always remain open if they are ready to heal.


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Creating My Own Family

For those who find themselves estranged from their siblings due to the effects of a narcissistic mother, it's essential to remember that blood ties aren't the only basis for meaningful relationships. Building strong friendships and surrounding oneself with a supportive network can provide the sense of belonging and connection that might have been missing in the family environment.

But let’s also normalize the fact that many people do not grow up with a healthy support system or friends from their childhood, and open our arms to those that are seeking those close relationships in their adult lives. 

Though I will forever mourn the shared history, unconditional acceptance, and shared experiences I have had with my siblings, unfortunately, they are not in a place for us to mend that sibling bond, though I remain hopeful for that one day.

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In Conclusion

Growing up in a family of five kids should have been an opportunity for shared experiences and lasting bonds, but the presence of a narcissistic mother shattered those ideals.

The emotional toll of navigating such an environment led to strained relationships among my siblings.

However, by recognizing the impact of the narcissistic behavior, seeking healing through therapy, and focusing on building new connections, it's possible for anyone to rise above the challenges and forge a path toward emotional well-being and fulfillment, even if that means becoming "siblingless" in the traditional sense.

You are not alone.


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